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Founded as a charitable company in 2007, the primary objective of SIEVEMK is to address the problem of educational underachievement among young people, particularly those of black and minority ethnic descent, in the Buckinghamshire locale. SIEVEMK develops accessible and cost-effective programmes and provides opportunities for young people to help them acquire the employability skills and/or qualifications required for further and higher education and career advancement.

SMK is run by a 5-member Board of Trustees, 2 of whom were beneficiaries of our programmes who went on to achieve A-Levels and degrees at university, and a management team comprising of the CEO, Head of Pastoral Care, Project Director and the Admin and Finance Team. We also have ten tutors and between six and ten volunteers across each year to support us with the programmes we offer. The team members share a passion for the work we do in supporting children, young people, and families, and have a wide range of experiences and skills to contribute to our organisation.  

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