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"I had no idea that such opportunities existed until SMK put me forwards for a boarding bursary. Initially I was apprehensive about leaving my friends but when I visited Bromsgrove, I truly understood what this moment could bring. 

My time in boarding was probably the happiest of my life so far. Not only was it educationally great, but I made friends from all over the world, who I am still in touch with to this day. 

During my time at school, SMK staff were always checking in, supporting me and attended as many school events as possible: I knew that they were always there should I need help with anything. They made the entire process so easy, never intimidating, and their calm and friendly approach helped settle any nerves.

Following Bromsgrove, I had aspiration to attend university in Loughborough, where I graduated in Business and Psychology. I now work in recruitment and have specialised in the IT and technology sector." RD, RNCSF student of 2018 who attended Bromsgrove School

"SMK believed in my potential when I was 12 years old and provided me with mentorship, coaching, and academic support to secure a scholarship and bursary to attend boarding school. This was only the first in a long list of moments when SMK supported me to grow into all that I am capable of. It wasn’t easy to leave home at age 13 to go to a very unfamiliar place in the countryside, but SMK was there to provide me with emotional support, which was crucial to give me the courage to persevere when I wanted to give up. When I came back to MK for sixth form, SMK was once again there to support me in new ways, which led to me becoming a Member of the UK Youth Parliament and representing Milton Keynes in the House of Commons on national TV. This was a key stepping stone in my journey to the University of Cambridge, and SMK’s support through the years has empowered me to explore my academic and professional interests. I am now pursuing a career in social impact consulting, which is like a full circle to me as I support nonprofits doing meaningful work like SMK. As a trustee for SMK, it is my deep desire that SMK will continue to be able to support and empower young people in Milton Keynes and beyond to grow into the fullness of their potential." FO, Trustee and student of the former Princess Helena College

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