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SIEVEMK’s vision and mission is to inspire the members of our communities to realise their full potentials by providing a gateway through which people can be inspired, mentored and empowered.

The primary objective of SIEVEMK is to address the problem of educational underachievement among young people, particularly those of black and minority ethnic descent in the Buckinghamshire locale. SIEVEMK develops accessible and cost-effective programmes and provides opportunities for young people to help them acquire the employability skills and/or qualifications required for further and higher education and career advancement.

The values and principles of the organisation are driven by the fundamentals of the Christian faith of the organisation’s founders. These are:

  • Hope: inspiring the community to aspire for a better future, empowering each other to achieve success. 

  • Inclusiveness: respecting and caring for all people regardless of background, race or religion. SIEVEMK values diversity and is committed to equality.

  • Partnership & Collaboration: pursuing partnerships with intentionality, focusing on meaningful ways to collaborate with organisations and individuals in order to meet our strategic objectives.

  • Positive communicationcommunicating with compassion and approaching challenges with openness and positivity.

  • Innovation: piloting new approaches to education and engagement. Open to new innovative means to meet the organisation’s objectives.

  • Excellence: SIEVEMK is dedicated to the personal and professional growth of its learners, staffs, and volunteers and committed to providing opportunities that help them acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to excel.

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